Enjoy Homecoming, get golf cart permit

To the Editor,

The 50th annual Lumbee Homecoming began Friday and continues until July 7. As the Lumbee celebrate 50 years, it is appropriate that this homecoming is dedicated to “Promoting Lumbee Pride, Culture and Heritage — Honoring Our Lumbee Veterans and All Who Have Served”.

Lumbee Homecoming has become the largest American Indian Cultural Celebration in North Carolina, according to the Lumbee Regional Development Association, which has facilitated 50 years of Lumbee People coming home.

We have come home from battle and for reunions. We have come home to natural disasters and to building new homes and buildings. We have come home for funerals and for births. We have come home for marriages and for renewals of vows. Mostly we have come home for family, friends, food and to dodge the golf carts.

The town of Pembroke allows golf carts to be driven by drivers 16 years of age or older in the city limits on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less during six days of Lumbee Homecoming. Golf carts will be permitted from Monday until Saturday.

Each golf cart must have a posted permit from the town of Pembroke. These permits are now available at Town Hall and cost $20 each. Remember that golf cart drivers must be 16 years or older. Don’t pay a fine for breaking these rules and don’t put children under the wheel.

State law does not allow “Side by Sides (SxS)”, UTV, or ROV vehicles to be driven or operated on public streets. The Pembroke Police Department has gone on record stating that these vehicles must not be operated on town streets. Keep em in the yard at home.

I commend the town of Pembroke officials for their early notification to community members of the required policies and procedures for our 50th annual Lumbee Homecoming. Let’s all be safe.

Come on home Lumbee. We have collard wraps and our new “Waffle Os.”

Eric R. Locklear