Why pay property taxes if there is no penalty?

To the Editor,

I have been following with interest your informative articles about delinquent property taxes in Robeson County and how certain people are left off the “naughty” list. I am glad this list was in The Robesonian. I wish, however, that people would look at the list, then go online to the Robeson County property tax website and see just how many years these people have not paid their taxes. Some have not paid property tax since at least 2013. In any other counties, foreclosure proceedings would have already started.

As we all know, a lot of officials in this county see no need to play by the rules. I have also noticed that since the Board of Education refused a deal offered by our esteemed commissioners to buy the Angel building for $6 million, they are being punished by not getting any increase in funding. How childish and how sad. Our commissioners punish the children of this county because the BOE disagrees with them.

Which commissioner has an interest in the Angel building? Or which commissioner’s friend or family member? We obviously need a whole new board of commissioners but that will never happen. Lance Herndon, for example, is the only Democrat running and there is no one to run against him on the Republican ticket, so he wins again. Some members, so I have been told, get re-elected simply because of their race. Nobody cares whether they are honest and trustworthy. And when you can live in a county and never have to worry about paying your property taxes, why not take advantage of such a good deal? It seems nobody cares, from the county manager to the commissioners to the tax officials.

Martha Waldrep

St Pauls