Teachers, prepare again to be our heroes

To the Editor,

As I continue to serve primarily the Lumbee people of Robeson County, I am reminded daily of the trauma of our communities.

For many of the students you serve, when they left you in June they went home to abuse, neglect, environments of substance abuse, some forms of human trafficking, hunger, and no forms of encouragement or hope.

You — our teachers, secretaries, administrators, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, facilities staff, coaches, bookkeepers, guidance, health career individuals, librarians, technology teams, resource officers, IEA staff and anyone else who arrives each day to PSRC campus to make a difference. You — are our everyday heroes

I know your tights are worn. Your capes are tattered. Your magic rings are low on fuel. When you fly, you feel like you can’t get above the buzzards.

You are still a light for many young people who at home may not even have a candle.

When you walk on your campuses each day, remember a few things:

— What I say and do today, may prevent a young person from taking their life tonight.

— The lessons I teach aren’t all happening in the classroom.

— I have been “skilled” to be here, but having the “will” to be here makes all the difference.

Heroes are forged by their responses to the environments around them. We don’t get to pick the best of all environments. We have to soar with less, not more.

I am counting on you PSRC employees to be heroes. My 60,000 Lumbee tribal members know you can be heroes. The people of Robeson County need you to be the heroes you are.

Remember that being a candle for one, means a job well done. Being a candle for any lights the future for many.

To the PSRC students, I have a piece of advice. Stay in school or you will think and write like Junior Swett of Fairmont! Remember, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

God bless you and let’s have a phenomenal year of heroes.

Eric R. Locklear