On Election Day, NC voters should pick, not nix, six

To the Editor,

North Carolina voters will vote on six constitutional amendments in November. The Dems want us to “Nix Six,” but I say we need to“Pick Six.”

— Constitutional amendment protecting the right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, including the right to use traditional methods, to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife. More than 20 other states have such amendments.

— Constitutional amendment to strengthen protections for victims of crime (Marsy’s Law); to establish certain absolute basic rights for victims; and to ensure the enforcement of these rights. This amendment guarantees victims of crime the rights to be treated with dignity and respect, to be present at any proceeding, to be heard at certain proceedings, to receive restitution in a timely manner, to receive information upon request, and to confer with the prosecutor.

— Constitutional amendment to reduce the income tax rate in North Carolina to a maximum allowable rate of 7 percent from the current 10 percent. North Carolinians need protection from future attempts to raise their taxes, like Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget tried to do in 2018. Instead of raising income taxes, the state needs to use prudent budgeting and common-sense restraints on spending so you can keep more of your hard earned money.

— Constitutional amendment to require voters to provide photo identification before voting in person. Approving voter ID would place North Carolina in the mainstream with 34 other states that require some form of voter ID. Under current law, North Carolina voters state only their name and residential address for election officials to verify their identity. The goal of this proposed amendment is to ensure the gold standard in election integrity.

— Constitutional amendment to change the process for filling judicial vacancies that occur between judicial elections. This would give several people that represent the whole state, the Legislature, a chance to pick a qualified judge after a thorough vetting for qualifications, instead of the Governor making a political pick. This is only for vacancies.

— Constitutional amendment to establish an eight-member bipartisan Board of Ethics and Elections Enforcement to administer ethics and elections law.

Clearly these proposed amendments would help most of us, or would limit the amount of taxes that could be forced on us, or would in some way limit government’s authority. Either way, citizens will win. Vote for all constitutional amendments.

Jennifer Hudson