Voting, action needed during these hard times

To the Editor,

Have you seriously wondered how our county and nation will go forward beyond past events and current dilemmas? For decades we observed images of other states and other regions of our country consumed in images of despair and destruction. But twice now in three years, these very same images are ours. Our neighborhoods being underwater, our schools, churches and businesses sadly displaced, and most importantly, our citizens disconnected. This is so profound I have to ask: What’s next? To have any success we must focus on knowledge, endurance and the willingness to listen.

We must demand competence, civility, responsibility and integrity from those in positions of power. Our county and our country are not working. The very same people in those positions seem to not notice our mostly self-inflicted condition getting worse. Let us not mistake activity for achievement, just because we want to be somebody important! Ineffective leadership requires no active support, only complacency or clear approval through apathy. In order to be a true God-like servant, we must know it is far better to understand than be understood.

The general public is absolutely exhausted across all demographics by boards, commissions and councils. Doing the same thing, the same way and expect a different result is insanity. There are battles not worth fighting even if you win, and those battles that must be fought even if you lose. What are you fighting for? If you don’t compete, don’t complain. Good intentions and “politricks” never changed the world, voting and action have.

William Freeman