NC lawmakers should beencouraging use of solar farms

To the Editor,

Eastern North Carolina has long been populated with rural farming communities. Today, in small towns like Maxton, different types of farms are now taking shape.

Solar farms.

My family is one of many that have recognized the benefits that come with leasing property to solar farms: Supplemental income to support farm families. Increased property taxes with no increased demand for town services. Good jobs installing solar in rural communities.

Showcasing solar farms in our communities also shows people that we are a progressive community and a forward-thinking state that supports renewable energy.

Solar companies have invested heavily in our rural communities and made North Carolina a national leader in solar power. That’s why it is so alarming to hear that our state legislature may scale back the renewable energy policies that have benefited our state, including many local landowners like me.

North Carolina is on a positive path to the future. Solar power is the very type of industry our state should be encouraging, not discouraging,

Helen Livingston