Pipeline delivers few jobs,but plenty of new concerns

To the Editor,

I am writing in response to the oped titled “Pipeline will deliver benefit” by Murchison “Bo” Biggs in Sunday’s The Robesonian.

Biggs talks in depth about the economic development the Atlantic Coast Pipeline would bring to Robeson County, but the truth is, this project will only benefit pipeline investors and big industry, not local residents. CHMURA, an economic consulting group commissioned by Dominion Resources, states in its report “The Economic Impact of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in WV, VA and NC” that this pipeline would only provide 18 permanent jobs in North Carolina.

The permanent construction jobs mentioned are actually highly specialized jobs for workers with experience in constructing industrial sized pipelines in other states.

While the pipeline companies, Dominion and Duke Energy, will be paying taxes to the eight counties along the pipeline route in Nother Carolina, increased cost to local governments for emergency management, lost property tax revenue could be higher. Every household that pays a Dominion or Duke Energy electric bill in North Carolina will experience rate hikes due to the building of the pipeline, while the pipeline companies are guaranteed up to a 14 percent profit. We the customers of these electric companies will be paying for this $5.1 billion pipeline while they make a big profit.

Loss of property value, higher insurance rates from having industrial infrastructure on their property, and the inability to sell or develop their property in the way they want would all be big effects on landowners.

Pipeline safety officials report that pipelines built since 2010 are as likely to fail as old pipelines built before the 1940’s due to companies building them too quickly to make a profit.

Ericka Faircloth