US in a three-front war

Robeson County appeared in Politico Magazine as one of nine places in the nation that mattered last election. These were large counties Clinton was expected to win because Obama won them. But Trump won them handily instead.

While most Democrats blamed Clinton’s loss on everything from Russian hackers to the weather, it seems liberals still don’t get it. Fox News covered the inauguration with only a mention of protestors blocking entrances and breaking windows nearby. But most other media primarily covered the protestors. The media is more interested in hating Trump than professional journalism.

There is simply a civil war of sorts today. It is being fought on three fronts. The first front is physical and the evidence is clear with every terrorist attack. The United States is the most powerful nation in the world. But Vietnam taught China and us that being good on paper isn’t always a guarantee. Terrorists know this and have been attacking the free world for centuries. People burning American flags are typically sympathetic to enemies of American freedom and conservatives aren’t known for burning flags.

The second front is spiritual. We are at the crossroads of a massive national decision. Are we going to maintain the moral and religious values that founded our nation or are we going to embrace a path toward secularism that marginalizes people of faith? Christians are actually the most persecuted religion in the world. But that’s not the side the left wants to protect. Religious freedoms leave out Christians in their view.

After the inauguration there were two rallies. One was called a women’s march but banned pro-life women. Vulgar signs and profanity emanated from the group. The media covered it favorably and dismissed the violent context of some speakers.

Then a pro-life rally was more peaceful and even featured the vice president. The media covered it less and its editorial comments were not as favorable.

A person’s faith determines whether they even believe a spiritual war exists. But regardless of faith, it is clear there is a tug of war between faith and secularism. It is also clear who tugs on which ends of that rope.

The third front is political. The political front is where these three fronts intersect.

Most Americans support our military in the physical war. Churches acknowledge the war on faith but many fall short on action. Even fewer wish to get bloody in the trenches of politics, where the war is violently waged.

Thankfully, Democrats joined Republicans in places like Robeson to elect President Trump, who understands this cultural war. Though ideologically siding with Republicans, Trump actually is taking a strictly business approach to governance.

A conservative cabinet and a border wall may be Republican approaches. But Democrats like Chuck Shumer celebrate his desire for infrastructure spending and Trump has even met with Union leaders who support re-negotiating trade deals.

So if Trump is meeting with traditionally Democrat groups, an already has measures Democrats support who are giving him a chance while he makes good on promises he made to Republicans, why so much anger?

The answer is this physical, spiritual and political struggle for the soul of the nation. The media, celebrities and liberal Democrats will never give Trump a chance. Journalists will spin everything negatively. Liberals will burn American flags. Many Democrats will boycott inaugurations and oppose Justice nominees before they are even announced.

Conservatives didn’t riot during Obama’s administration. No Republican boycotted his historic inauguration. Clinton said anyone who didn’t support the results of the election was un-American and she’s right. She and President Clinton were gracious enough to show up.

When good is called bad and bad is called good, then the struggle has reached Biblical proportions. It is the struggle for the nation’s very soul. Liberal Democrats are tugging at one end. Conservatives tug at the other. Robeson joined nine other counties surprising a nation with its part.

Phillip Stephens is chairman of the Robeson County Republican Party.

Phillip Stephens is chairman of the Robeson County Republican Party.