Couple who had flat while on I-95 find friends in Fairmont

To the Editor,

In November, my wife and I were returning to Cape Cod, Mass., after attending a reunion at Patriots Point, S.C, of the submarine crew who served on the USS Clamagore when we experienced a flat tire while we traveling on Interstate 95.

We took the next exit and found ourselves in unfamiliar territory. We pulled of the main road and commenced to change the tire. Every person who went by offered assistance. We told them all that we were OK. We got directions to a gas station from one gentleman.

Everything was going great until we tried to put the flat in the trunk. It just wouldn’t fit. Fortunately, a couple in a pick-up truck happened to stop at that moment. They offered to take the tire and led us to the shop. They must have called ahead for when we arrived at a Uniroyal garage, they appeared to be waiting for us. They went right to work and repaired the tire and we were back on the road heading north back home.

Just wanted to say thank you to all the Fairmont folks. You have a wonderful town.

Hal Tatlow

Kirstin Tatlow

Buzzard Bay, Mass.