Pittenger best choice in the pro-life fight

To the Editor,

In the upcoming May 8 election for U.S. Congress, I am personally asking the citizens in the 9th District to vote for Congressman Robert Pittenger. Congressman Pittenger is a devoted soldier in Washington in fight to protect life.

As your congressman, Robert Pittenger has voted multiple times to defund Planned Parenthood and has even authored a bill in Congress to keep Planned Parenthood from having municipal elections bonds in order to build facilities where unborn babies can be aborted.

Your vote for Congressman Pittenger is very important to his being re-elected so he can continue the pro-life work we need done in the Congress. Congressman Pittenger has authored, cosponsored, and voted for pro-life legislation; let us reward his loyalty to defending life with your vote to send Congressman Pittenger back to the U.S. House.

Thank you in advance for your support to keep this fine Christian man, Congressman Robert Pittenger, in office and please remember that every vote will be critical on May 8.

Barbara Holt


North Carolina Right to Life Inc.