Top 15: Mustangs’ Brown providing key leadership

ROWLAND — Leading into high school football practice starting on July 31, The Robesonian’s sports reporter Jonathan Bym is publishing a countdown of the top 15 players in Robeson County, and South Robeson’s Darrius Brown comes in at No. 7 on the list.

Heading into his senior year, Brown has set goal for himself, with one of his main goals being to be a leader. Now in his time to take the reins, Brown has seen good and bad leadership and is determined not to let that happen this year.

“I’m trying to be a big leader. Last year, our seniors didn’t do a good job of leadership,” Brown said. “I’m trying to be better than that. They slacked at trying to keep us in the weight room. This year as a leader I’m trying to keep everybody in the weight room.”

With his leadership, the Mustangs’ leading running back, defensive back and return specialist wants to grow his game, but along the way he wants it to be contagious with his teammates. That includes his desire to succeed.

“I’m trying to be better than last year and try to make everybody want it just as bad as I do,” he said.

One of the few players in the county that can say they’ve had the same head coach for all four years in high school, Brown feels like the system South Robeson runs is second nature. Once again, he hopes that his team can pick up playbook as easily.

“It’s easy out there to me, it just comfortable,” Brown said. “I’m trying to get everybody on the same page as me.”

Brown’s speed, along with his football IQ, is one of his biggest strengths, and like the rest of his game he hopes to lead his players to get better like him.

“I’ve got a lot of quickness, but I hope everybody gets faster this year,” Brown said.

The willingness to lead and teach his teammates comes from what coach Clay Jernigan thinks makes Brown seem bigger than his 5-foot-8 frame.

“I think Darrius plays with a big heart,” Jernigan said. “I’ve heard a lot of old coaches say you can’t measure the size of your heart. I think he plays with his heart and plays bigger than he is size wise.”


By Jonathan Bym

Jonathan Bym can be reached at 910-816-1977. Follow him on Twitter @Jonathan_Bym.