Robeson County Golf Championship: Friday Tee Times

The following are the Friday tee times for the 37th annual Robeson County Golf Championship sponsored by by Dial Insurance at Pinecrest Country Club. Play Friday is in the Super Seniors and the Championship Divisions. The other tee times will be in Friday’s newspaper


8:24 — Lee Hunt, David Locklear, Jerry Long

8:32 — Gerald Strickland, David J. Locklear, David Bruce Oxendine

8:40 — Bob McQueen, Ronald Locklear, Knocky Thorndyke

8:56 — Cliff Nance, Willie Jacobs, Willie Oxendine

9:04 — Kajun Hunt, Delance Locklear, Christopher Blue

9:36 — Gurney Hunt, Dean Hunt, Ronnie Chavis

10:00 — Larry McNeill, Ronnie Hunt, Donnie Beck

10:08 — Danny Lassiter, Atlas Warwick, J.D. Revels


10:32 — Dyrck Fanning, Joseph Martin, Hunter McDuffie

12:24 p.m. — Ryan Bass, David Locklear Jr., Ashton Woods

12:32 — Keith McGirt, John Haskins, Chad Martin

12:40 — Kyle Covington, Jeff Wishart, Mark Lassiter

12:48 — Brad Locklear, Steve Pippin, Greg Powell

12:56 — Jeff Broadwell, Landon Lowry, Timmie Stultz, Russ Seasock

1:04 — James H. Oxendine, Sam Oxendine, Tom Sampson