Robeson County football power rankings split after Week 3

By: By Jonathan Bym - Sports editor

There isn’t any drama this week in the Robeson County football power rankings, or any changes for that matter, but there is one thing that has developed after three weeks of play among the six county teams.

A split that was a small crack between the top three teams and the bottom three teams emerged this week with Purnell Swett’s win over Douglas Byrd, and a trio of losses from the bottom three teams.

This week the teams in the power rankings are sorted out as the “haves” and “have nots” with the top half possessing all the wins in the county, and the other half without any.

1. Red Springs

The top two teams sat idle, but there was no fear of either team in jeopardy of their spots being taken away. This week is when Three Rivers Conference play starts up and the Red Devils show their mettle. Taking on South Columbus, the team that everyone in the conference has strived to be for the past three years, Red Springs will prove if it deserved the top seat or not next week.

2. St. Pauls

Another road game this week for the Bulldogs as they takes on East Columbus, but that hasn’t been a problem this season with two road wins to open. St. Pauls now sits and waits for Red Springs to slip in the coming week to take over the No. 1 spot that it feels it is due. It could still be undefeated when it travels to Fairmont in three weeks.

3. Purnell Swett

This season, the Rams have lost in blowout fashion, won in blowout fashion and added a gutsy win to their resume against an improved Douglas Byrd team that has opposing coaches commending its running game and size on the defensive line. Heading into its bye week at 2-1 is a good sign going forward as Purnell Swett now takes on the strength of its schedule.

4. Lumberton

The close calls in the last two weeks are starting to give Lumberton flashbacks to last season, and now it hopes that history can repeat itself as it travels to take on head coach Kelly Williamson’s old team in West Brunswick. The one thing that gives the Pirates promise is their ability to score, which will be needed as they end non-conference play and prep for the Sandhills Athletic Conference.

5. Fairmont

Like Lumberton, the Golden Tornadoes suffered a close loss as mistakes were too much to overcome against Ashley. Things start to look better now for Fairmont as it starts Three Rivers play against two of the weakest teams in the league, and it will need to stockpile those wins to keep morale high and build momentum if it wishes to return to the playoffs after last year’s absence.

6. South Robeson

The Mustangs suffered miserably in the loss to Lake View and moves to Three Rivers play as they get West Columbus at home. Essentially, the Mustangs have two games to win here on out to extend their season to the playoffs, and this week is one of them and East Columbus being the other, but they get back to full strength this week and could surprise some teams with their running game.

By Jonathan Bym

Sports editor