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    Tribal Council again rejects pack with ACP

    PEMBROKE — For the second time in two months, the Lumbee Tribal Council on Thursday rejected a resolution regarding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The council voted 10-7 to kill a resolution calling on tribal administration [...]
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    Pond search fails to find Abby

    LUMBERTON — The search for a missing 20-year-old Lumberton woman moved to the Alamac Road area of Robeson County earlier this week, according to an FBI spokesperson, but Abby Patterson remains missing. “The FBI and [...]
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    Angel Exchange up for auction Aug. 6

    LUMBERTON — The Angel Exchange property near Pembroke will be up for sale on Aug. 6 and the building’s owners have been ordered to pay more than $50,000 as the result of legal action taken [...]
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    Piedmont plan a tax windfall for county

    LUMBERTON — The news that Piedmont Natural Gas plans to build a facility in Robeson County came as a big, but welcomed, surprise. “They just called us and told us they had an announcement to [...]
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    ‘He’s cold-hearted as hell’

    ST. PAULS — Neighbors of a local man charged with the murder of an elderly woman raped and murdered in her California home in 1987 say he was a gun-totting “bully.” “He’s cold-hearted as hell,” [...]








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